Save time, money, and effort with our mobile shakeout & staging app

ShakeoutPro® is a unique mobile app specifically developed to help Builders and Erectors save time receiving, unloading and staging steel at the job site. This easy-to-use, powerfully robust application only takes a matter of minutes to become proficient at using. All you need is a smart device - no additional equipment required.

Using ShakeoutPro is easy and intuitive

To get started, simply download ShakoutPro onto your smart phone or tablet. Using the camera on your device, point & click to capture the barcode affixed to a part, crate or bundle at your jobsite. That part's location will then be highlighted on your project’s Tekla 3D BIM Model – showing you exactly where it fits within the project. From there, you can determine where to stage the parts for maximum efficiency.

What can ShakeoutPro do for me?

  • Save time, money and effort in the unloading and staging of steel on the jobsite.
  • Maximize efficiency in layout process and increase productivity from day one by enabling teams to find and place steel faster
  • Provide a rotatable/scalable 3D BIM model allowing erection teams to easily interpret plans
  • Quick access to a listing of the contents of your truck, crate or bundle
  • Ability to status parts by color coding and tagging as received, staged, installed, missing, damaged or unused
  • No additional special equipment or software required
  • All project data can be accessed from the cloud
  • Purchase on a per project basis during the quoting process using eQuote
  • Once purchased for a project, any number of users may use the program
  • Training videos (below) and a full help library

How do I use ShakeoutPro?

The instructional video above walks you through exactly how to use ShakeoutPro on your next project and explains its many features. For detailed, step-by-step instructions and an explanation of the application's controls, you may access our Help Screens. Refer to our FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions.

Download ShakeoutPro Today

Getting started with ShakeoutPro is simple! Please refer to the appropriate section below for step-by-step instructions. If you are an Authorized ABC Builder, use the ABC Toolbox app as the fastest way to access ShakeoutPro.

Authorized ABC Builders
If you already have the Toolbox app installed, you can simply launch and load ShakeoutPro from Toolbox. Use the document below for detailed instructions:

Erectors and Non-Authorized ABC Builders
Download ShakeoutPro from either the App Store or Google Play. Refer to the installation guide below for detailed instructions: